Worthy is an insurance agency that values exceptional customer service above all.

Breathing new life into an out-of-date brand

Worthy Insurance was founded in 2005 by a team of entrepreneurs with broad access and deep knowledge of niche markets. Since then, they’ve expanded that to reach over 60 U.S. markets today, covering a range of business services. Their team is dedicated, passionate, and caring—an insurance agency grounded firmly in its Midwestern roots. With their last branding efforts taking place nearly 15 years ago, the team at Worthy approached us to breathe new life into their brand.

We were looking to craft a brand that felt immediately trustworthy to clients and potential clients, balancing the caliber, clout and knowledge with the close, personal relationships they form with their clients. We built a brand centered around telling the story of what they do and who they are, and then expanded it into a refresh of all their marketing and internal collateral. We updated their website, simplifying the UX and aligning it to their updated identity.


Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
Website Design
Collateral Design
Creative Direction


WordPress Website Development
Busby Potter

Liveside Media

Copywriting & Editing
– Kevin Cahalin

Chicago Sign Systems

Custom wordmark

Logo design for Worthy Insurance printed with a spot gloss

Logo lockup with spot UV

Business card design for Worthy Insurance in Chicago, Illinois

Business cards

Using design as a tool to organize communications

With several different buckets of offerings, we found that potential customers were getting confused by what was offered and what was the best solution for their unique needs. We build an internal organization system into the brand, to help organize the company inside and out.

Icon design system for Worthy Insurance
Branded collateral one-pager design for Worthy Insurance

Client document designs

Mobile website designs on iPhones displaying various pages of the website

Mobile responsive website design

Crafting an accessible brand

We reorganized and redesigned the website from scratch, paying close attention to content strategy and the flow of information. It was critical that potential clients were able to gather all the information they need from the website alone, and begin the process from there.

Website homepage layout for Worthy Insurance, a Chicago-based insurance agency

Creating a master brand guideline

We set the team at Worthy up with a detailed brand guideline that would help keep their brand consistent and clean across all of their touch points and interactions.

Brand guideline design for Worthy Insurance showing how to use the logo within the brand
Brand guideline design for Worthy Insurance showing how the color system works within the brand
Brand guideline design for Worthy Insurance showing how the typography system works within the brand
Brand guideline design for Worthy Insurance showing how the icon system works within the brand
Worthy Insurance's logo as signage in the entry way

Entryway signage, manufactured by our friends at Chicago Sign Systems

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