Sundaily is the world’s first edible skincare, working to protect and repair your skin from the inside out.

What we did

Based on years of sun protection science, the gummy is created from a fern found in Central America that aids in boosting your skin's resilience to the sun, from the inside. Since this is a new product, crafting a credible brand was our first priority.

I initially worked to create a logo that represents the product and company. Since a successful brand launch, I have continued to work with the team to develop assets such as shipping boxes, downloadable content and social media, aligning it to and further developing the brand system.


Logo Design
Collateral Design
Social Media Graphics

Creating a logo that feels expressive and credible

Sundaily needed a logo that positions the product as science-based and trustworthy, while serving up a fresh, memorable face to potential consumers. The mark needed to be expressive, while retaining a sophistication that balanced credibility with the brand personality. The mark we developed is welcoming and luscious – just like the outdoor life that people could live with adequate sun protection.

Downloadable content

We designed the Skin Solution Roadmap to be a piece of downloadable content for customers interested in learning about the science behind Sundaily in greater depths. 

eBook design for startup, Sundaily
Book design for startup, Sundaily
Longform skincare content design for startup, Sundaily
Digital book design for startup, Sundaily
Layout design for Sundaily
Downloadable content for skincare company, Sundaily

Working with existing collateral to explore new ways to use brand assets

I continued to work with the Sundaily team to create everything from t-shirts to shipping boxes, and business cards to social media templates. With each one, we were looking to push the brand further and explore new, unique ways to use the assets.

Design for Sundaily t-shirt
T-shirt design for Sundaily
T-shirt design for skincare startup, Sundaily
Shipping box packaging design

Shipping box design

Social media template design
Social media template for Sundaily skincare
Social media template
Social media template design
Social media design
Instagram post with Sundaily's hashtag
Adapting the packaging into sample sized packets

Adapting the packaging design into sample sized packets

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Website Design, Collateral Design