District Derp is a product and lifestyle brand at the intersection of cannabis, wellness, art and social good.


Because the website needed to make it crystal clear to users how the process worked, we felt it was necessasry to create branded illustrations. Each illustration walks through one of the 6 steps for the process.


Create your profile.

Create a profile so we can make sure you receive the most personalized experience and top notch service. It's simple, it's easy, and it helps us understand your needs.


Peruse the gallery and pick your experience.

Do you prefer paintings that make you ponder like a 'Pollock' or do you take your art with a side of chaos like a 'de Kooning?' Buy a painting alone or enjoy with the customized gift.


Pick the perfect gift.

Once you’ve selected a painting, browse our Gift Guide to pick what item(s) feel right for you. Not sure what to choose, text us!


Prove you're not a robot.

We have a multi-factor authentication system because it's important for us to be 100% compliant and secure at all times. Verify your phone number every time you checkout, and upon clearance, you're free to proceed to checkout and enjoy.  


Plan your Derp delivery or pickup.

Coordinate when and where you want to receive your derp delivery or when you'd like to pickup. Safety and convenience are of utmost importance to us and this will always go both ways.