As frequent travelers, the founders of Fohm realized that it was high time that the bathroom experience was upgraded back home. They realized, however, flushable wipes weren’t as flushable as they claimed and were packed with questionable ingredients. So they took matters into their own hands and created Fohm, the touchless system designed to be good for your bum, your pipes, and our planet.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Website Design




Shopify Development: Busby Potter

Copywriting: Lauren Beader



Fohm had a amazing product but no branding in place. 

We knew from the outset that it would be crucial to identify and communicate the brand’s values in everything they do and say. Because talking about your wiping habits is considered *taboo* and very few people enjoy conversations about fatbergs (google it, if you dare), we needed to craft a brand experience that felt human, real and light.



The brand we created is good, clean fun. 

The soft bloops on the logomark mimic the peaks of foam. The visual identity is happy and accessible in every application. Everything rides a perfect balance of levity and reality – you’ll see plenty of poop puns, but also immediately understand the dangers that ‘flushable’ wipes bring.



We saw the website as an opportunity to both delight and educate. 

We reskinned the website to be highly accessible to an audience–all you need to know, with everything easy to find. We highlighted the starter kit and made it easy to add to your cart without ever leaving the homepage. Amongst all the information, it was important to create little moments of magic – a funny 404 page, buttons that wipe and links to fatbergs for the brave. 



Designed to fit into people's lives and bathrooms.

We did an extensive audit of what products live in people’s bathrooms and carved out a nice spot for Fohm to live–next to the generic shampoos, soaps and cleaning products also in the customers’ cabinets. We didn’t want the packaging to feel offputtingly disparate, but also didn’t want to fall into the black hole of generic consumer packaged goods. We used the rebrand as an opportunity to move to a more eco-friendly kraft paper box and to create moments of unboxing delight and laughter.


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